Join the world’s most up-and-coming pizza brand with game-changing technology, transparency culture and outstanding success record!

Dodo Pizza is where technology meets pizza delivery. Through combining expertise in building software, restaurant operations and franchising, we strive to elevate pizza experience on a global scale.

0 stores in 122 countries

As evidenced by outstanding growth, outpacing leading global QSR and pizza brands, our franchise system is highly scalable and competitive. We seek to join forces with like-minded franchisee partners and bring Dodo Pizza to new places.

Dodo IS —
our strategic

Technology will increasingly define the landscape of foodservice going forward. As a full-scale software company, with all in-house engineering and digital-centric strategy, we are ideally suited to lead the way in pizza.

Our unique proprietary platform, Dodo IS, unites our network of stores into one and thereby allows to better manage the ongoing creation of customer benefits system-wide, resulting in superior customer and store management experience.

Because the code for Dodo IS is created literally in the same building as the pizza recipes, store layouts and operations standards, the extent, to which our software is integrated with store operations, is unprecedented. The platform collects, communicates, processes and reports operations data in real time within a single ecosystem. This makes Dodo Pizza kitchens, deliveries and management highly efficient and streamlined. Here are some examples of how Dodo IS works.

Orders come in to the kitchen digitally in Dodo IS, either via the front counter POS, mobile app, website or the call-center interface.

An order for pizza first appears on the dough stretch tablet. The pizza is then tracked through each subsequent stage: makeline, oven, packing and delivery either to the pick-up counter in store or to the customer’s address. Measuring and tracking minute company-specific kitchen processes allows for systemic improvements in speed, accuracy and efficiency.


If at any stage a pizza is found to have a defect, new preparation can be initiated with a single tap. During peak times, the kitchen tracker allows to build an assembly line where Dodo IS will automatically prioritize orders and communicate to employees exactly what needs to be done at their respective stations: what toppings to put on a pizza, what extra items need to be included with an order before it is dispatched.

Shift supervisors have full control of the store and deliveries at their fingertips in the Shift Supervisor interface. Employees are clocked in and out of the shift in the system. So the payroll is calculated automatically based on preset rates.

Status of every order is controlled. If there is a problem, shift supervisor has complete information to act swiftly: have the items redone, call the delivery driver to issue instructions.

Based on historic data, the system will forecast workload for each hour of the shift, allowing for better planning and scheduling of staff. Sales and productivity figures are also given in real time. These capabilities are critical for tight labour cost management.

Deliveries are managed through the Dodo IS Delivery Station interface. Orders are assigned to drivers. The system prints order information and receipt. When an order is ready for delivery a driver will pick it up. At all times, the system knows when an order comes in, what items it includes, what is happening to each item and who is delivering what.

It will also forecast delivery times for all orders, with real-time traffic situation factored in, and even show optimal routes to take.

Each new employee gets a personal account in the system. The store manager sets the various hourly rates and assigns positions: trainee, candidate, pizzamaker, instructor, front of house, shift supervisor. Job promotions are likewise done through the system.

Staff fill in their availability hours in advance through their personal accounts. That way, when scheduling shifts, the store manager knows who is available for any specific time of any day.

New stock gets registered and tracked in the system right down to the point of sale.

Dodo IS knows the recipes and exact ingredient amounts. So it keeps records of the food costs, including spoilage and write-offs. Unaccountable discrepancies are controlled via running regular inventories, for which there is also a Doodo IS interface.

Dodo Pizza is the brand to meet the needs of modern consumers. Our state-of-the-art mobile app, website, digital menus and POS are built in-house and fully integrated with other modules of Dodo IS. This ensures friction-free pizza for customers and store operators.

Dodo IS is cloud-based, which has significant implications for implementing updates and new features. Innovations can be instantly rolled-out across the entire system as needed. This allows for introducing improvements, new interfaces, capabilities and updates, very rapidly and seamlessly.

Dodo IS requires a minimum of infrastructure on the store operator’s side. No software installations or local network maintenance is needed. The system is fully accessible and functional via your login and password at any time anywhere in the world in any Internet browser. More about Dodo IS.

success record

Having started as a single pizza delivery shop in 2011 and with major global competitors active in our domestic markets, we rapidly grew to become the undisputed market leader, world’s fastest growing pizza-brand and a Top-20 pizza chain by sales volume.

The extraordinary growth and success of Dodo Pizza has been to a large extent enabled by very strong store economics. The business is split into roughly 60% delivery and 40% dine-in with both channels generating consistently strong sales and customer loyalty. To illustrate, on average a mature store (12+ months) made 674 delivery and 860 dine-in orders per week in March and April 2019.



Transparency culture is at the foundational core of Dodo Pizza. Customers, investors, suppliers and franchisees all benefit from this. We believe that total openness makes our brand and our business stronger.

Live streaming kitchens
Every Dodo Pizza kitchen streams live video. You can actually watch your food being prepared online.

Open store ratings
Before placing an order for delivery every customer is shown their respective store’s customer satisfaction score and average delivery time.

Open store sales
Monthly sales data of every Dodo Pizza is openly available online. And inside the system, franchisees can view each others’ P&L reports. Prospective franchisees come in well-educated about the possibilities. And current franchisees learn from each other and therefore are better positioned to drive their bottom line.

Monthly financial reports
Our finance team circulates an open monthly financial report with system-wide sales, like-for-like dynamics, store openings pipeline, corporate HQ and company-owned stores results.

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Dodo Pizza Story
We actively blog about company developments, good and bad, through social media and our corporate blog

Dodo Pizza Story


Franchising to us means win-win long-term partnership on transparent and fair terms. It is about building a community around shared values and common vision for Dodo Pizza. And it is most imperative that we pursue our dreams together with like-minded people. Therefore, organization culture fit is the number one prerequisite for joining as a franchisee.

A single Dodo Pizza store requires a capital investment of approximately €200,000 to €250,000. Financial terms of the franchise will be discussed individually for each country.

There are currently single-unit franchising opportunities available in the UK, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We will launch Dodo Pizza in Poland and Germany by the end of 2020 with plans to subsequently offer franchising opportunities there, including single-unit.

Prospective franchisees wishing to enter new markets must have relevant experience in multi-unit foodservice or retail. For each new market we presently can only consider multi-unit franchisees and a minimum development commitment of 20 stores in the first 5 years.

Prospective master franchisees will be expected to demonstrate a strong record of building and managing operations of comparable scale. Candidates must also present extensive experience and profound knowledge of franchising, QSR, and pizza delivery.

You will find more in-depth franchising information in the FAQs document, linked to at the bottom of this page.

Meet some of our
franchisee partners

Sergiu Bolocan

Sergiu was Dodo Pizza’s first international franchisee

After reading about Dodo online and finding radical transparency and openness close to heart, he traveled to Russia and got himself a job at a Dodo Pizza kitchen. There wasn’t any international franchising infrastructure at the time. But Sergiu was determined to not leave Russian soil without a deal for Romania. In 2014, he opened his first Dodo Pizza in Brasov, Transylvania. Now Sergiu is a multi-unit exclusive franchisee growing the Dodo brand in Romania.

Vadim Tkachuk

A native of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, Vadim went to university in the United Kingdom and worked in VC in the United States, before returning to Belarus and becoming the master franchisee for Burger King and Sbarro there

Soon it became clear that the Sbarro pizza business was falling way short of expectations. So Tkachuk had an idea of switching to another, more contemporary pizza concept with a more developed franchise infrastructure and brand in the region, Dodo Pizza. After a couple of meetings and having made sure that we had common vision for development of Dodo Pizza in Belarus, a deal was struck. And in a matter of 6 months Vadim and his team launched 9 Dodo Pizza stores in Minsk. This is absolute record speed of openings in a new country. Now, with more stores on the way, Vadim is focused on expanding Dodo Pizza in all major cities in the country.

Alena Tikhova
Mississippi and Tennessee, USA

Alena has been with Dodo Pizza since 2014 when, upon graduating with an MBA and briefly working a corporate job, she became one of the first Dodo Pizza franchisees in the Moscow region

Then she joined our corporate team and moved to the US in 2015 to lead our pilot projects there. Alena is currently our franchisee in the US. She operates 3 stores in Mississippi and Tennessee. For now, her focus is on fine-tuning the business model to fit the demanding US market and building a strong operations team.

Esen Jumanov

"When I opened my first Dodo Pizza I was 25 years old.

This was my first serious business experience and it completely changed my life. Over the past 3 years we went from losing money every month to over 20% store level EBITDA and 25% YoY sales growth. We currently operate 3 stores in Kyrgyzstan and plan to launch 5 more
in the next 3 years."

Yury Kostin
Saint Petersburg

Educated in Russia, Sweden and Finland, with a PhD in timber processing, Yury had a thriving corporate career when he discovered Dodo Pizza

He was captivated by the company’s story and drawn by its values and daring global ambitions. Eventually, Yury was washing dishes and cleaning pizza ovens at the Dodo training center in Syktyvkar. He debuted as a franchisee by purchasing a failing Dodo Pizza store in a suburb of Saint Petersburg. The store had been in serious trouble as far as product quality and financial performance. But Yury, after 6 months of sleep deprivation and rigorous application of best management and marketing practices, completely turned it around. Today, Yury is one of our multi-unit franchisees in Saint Petersburg. You can read more about his amazing story.

Denis Grinev
Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Voronezh

"In summer 2013, when I have decided to quit my career as a Sales Director of Henkel Ukraine, Dodo Pizza was number one on my short list of future opportunities.

Dodo IS, unique culture, ambitious goals and transparent approach towards everything at Dodo Pizza determined my final choice.

Now it’s 2019, I have 11 Dodo Pizza restaurants and 10 more in various stages of development. But some things do not change, and I appreciate it greatly: passion, fairness, and partnership approach. That’s why we are on board."

Alexander Strib

Alexander Strib was a software developer at OpenTable UK when he came across Dodo Pizza founder’s blog and started reading it. The blog resonated strongly with Alexander and he decided that Dodo Pizza is something that he would be interested in being a part of

Already at that time Strib was contemplating opening his own Dodo Pizza somewhere in Europe. But the franchise was not ready for export so he ended up working with our IT team as a developer. He personally participated in building Dodo IS, which he would later be using at his stores in Lithuania.

«Together with the rest of the company, I worked for about 1 year to perfect Dodo IS. So I have a very good understanding of its’ nature and immense potential. Moreover, I know the people behind the product. They are a great dedicated team of talented individuals. Dodo Pizza is my first franchisee experience so I can’t really compare it to whatever else there is on the market. I can only say that I am still overwhelmed by thoroughness and meticulousness of the approach. So for me it’s not just a great product but also an exemplary business relationship that also transcends formality. But strictly in practical terms, well, Dodo Pizza, as a franchise, is the complete package where not a single detail has been overlooked.»

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